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Current Version (2023.08.11.1527)

New features
  • Product support transferred to Rons Data Edit (licenses will work with both products).

  • Reported bugs fixed.

Version 2023.04.06.2125

New features
  • Company name changed to 'Rons Place Software Inc.'.
  • None.

Version 2022.07.22.1402

New features
  • None.
  • Occasional license deletion bug fixed.
  • Reported bugs fixed.

Version 2022.06.13.0738

New features
  • None.
  • Reported bugs fixed.

Version 2022.05.23.1713

New features
  • Pro Evaluation 30 license removed.
  • None.

Version 2022.03.15.1205

New features
  • Signing certificate updated.
  • Unicode start edit bug fixed.
  • Off-line license validation bug fixed.

Version 2021.09.07.0749

New features
  • Updated to use .net Framework 4.8.
  • Computer ID improved to ignore WiFi adapters.
  • 'Fill Expression' removed.
  • Quick Find refresh (blanking) bug fixed.

Version 2021.03.03.1329

New features
  • 'Remove Empty Columns' added.
  • CSV 'Escape Character' support added.
  • None.

Version 2021.01.26.1742

New features
  • None.
  • License validation issue fixed.

Version 2020.11.16.1001

New features
  • Multi-line text color added.
  • Paste Transparent added to Cell Fill Lookup.
  • License check auto-close fixed.
  • Fix in cell newline handling.
  • 'Show Detail' in 'Summary View' case handling fixed.

Version 2020.06.11.0943

New features
  • None.
  • Crash at startup fix.
  • 'Show Detail' in 'Summary View' not opening fixed.

Version 2020.05.29.0454

New features
  • Replace regular expression handling improved for empty matches.
  • Copy HTML in Page per Row view improved.
  • Empty 'Fill Value' now honored in 'Cell\Fill Lookup...'.
  • Adjustment made to whole word match in 'Cell\Replace Lookup...'.
  • Proxy port not being saved in Options fixed.
  • Maximum cell size before parsing error now configurable - added to the options.
  • Default paste format honored for all paste operations.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 2019.10.22.0827

New features
  • None.
  • Proxy port bug fixed.

Version 2019.09.29.1211

New features
  • Reverted due to functional issues: clarity improved for high DPI screens.
  • 'Ctrl-Insert' shortcut assigned to ToolBox Update button.
  • None.

Version 2019.09.19.2013

New features
  • Updated to use .net Framework 4.7.
  • Clarity improved for high DPI screens.
  • Portable version introduced.
  • Header refresh handling improved.
  • XML export removed.
  • Proxy settings added.
  • Shortcut 'Ctrl-R' re-assigned to Refresh and 'Ctrl-F10' assigned to Sort.
  • Row delete with Page per Row window bug fixed.
  • Export HTML bug fixed.
  • Excel detection bug fixed.
  • Adjustment made to whole word match.

Version 2019.05.01.1504

New features
  • Code signing certificate changed to 'Rons Place Software'.
  • 'Cell\Fill Calculated..." expression function added for free form calculations.
  • None.

Version 2019.03.18.1432

New features
  • Column sort window adjusted to work in a more intuitive way.
  • Column format validation crash fixed.
  • Multi column sort issue fixed.
  • Arbitrary length limit removed from Toolbox rules.

Version 2019.03.08.1742

New features
  • Specific text encoding added to Import.
  • Excel large text handling improved.
  • Cell large text handling improved.
  • Excel formula text handling fixed.
  • Page per Row large font view fixed.
  • Filter window system font handling improved.
  • Sort stabilized.

Version 2019.02.20.0932

New features
  • 'Match Case' added to Row Delete Duplicates and Row Merge.
  • Bug fix in regular expression replace handling.
  • Header overridden by Save As fixed.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 2019.02.02.1056

New features
  • File locks on load reduced.
  • 'Text Remove' toolbox updated to include missing option.
  • Wild card and regular expression added to filter.
  • Regular expression added to Column and Row split.
  • Document Summary significantly improved.
  • Separator formats overhauled and streamlined.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 2018.03.29.1544

New features
  • Filter added to Go to Column window.
  • Fixed width column positions can be saved and loaded on import.
  • Empty column names now allowed.
  • Search(s) can now ignore accented characters.
  • More character encodings added to Export.
  • None.

Version 2018.01.25.0833

New features
  • Date matching improved to include month names in 'Date Replace' rule.
  • Quick Find expanded to span rows.
  • License entering issue fixed.
  • Column header sort undo issue resolved.
  • Terminal Server logging issue fixed.
  • Quick Find Tool Box functionality smoothed.
  • Running instance detection changed to work on shared server.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 2017.12.04.1307

New features
  • Fill replace added to replace from a lookup table.
  • Row move added.
  • Toolbox rule added for HTML and URL encoding and decoding.
  • Columns with the same name are now allowed.
  • 'Duplicate To' added to compliment 'Duplicate From'.
  • Toggle cell selection added to toggle between selecting the cells in a row or column and the whole row or column.
  • 'Match Case' option added to filter.
  • Quick filter now ignores word order.
  • Cell edit put the cursor at the end of the text, rather then selecting it all.
  • Shortcut keys for 'Alt+Home' for going to the first cell of the current column and 'Alt+End' for going to the last cell of the current column added.
  • Search 'Enter' behavior changed to move to next match.
  • License check added in preparation for portable version.
  • Cell deletion when editing filter in Quick filter fixed.
  • Various reported bugs fixed.

Version 2016.09.08.1526

New features
  • Text padding tool added to the Toolbox.
  • Tabbing between fields in 'Page per Row' fixed.
  • Various reported bugs fixed.

Version 2016.09.01.1655

New features
  • Memory handling improved to handle larger files.
  • Text encoding header support added ('ASCII','ANSI' and 'UTF-8').
  • Text encoding handling improved.
  • Command line support added (run the Editor with /? for options).
  • Thousands added to number format.
  • Parser more resilient to badly formatted CSV.
  • Computer ID failing on some machines fixed.
  • 'Title Case' and 'Capitalize' apostrophe handling fixed.
  • If an error occurs on save the Editor does not exit.
  • Strange screen re-sizing issue when document opened whilst minimized fixed.
  • Always surround bug fixed.
  • File with no extension defaults to CSV.
  • Undo row positioning improved.

Version 2015.09.27.1325

New features
  • 'Fill Process..' changed to 'Fill Calculated...'.
  • Handling of long column names on file open improved.
  • Cell Editor positioning problem solved.
  • Various reported bugs fixed.

Version 2015.09.18.1501

New features
  • 'Fill Process' added to the 'Cell' menu, to add more complex fill scenarios.
  • Text encoding added to the 'Import' window.
  • Weight column added to 'Summary' panel.
  • Various reported bugs fixed.

Version 2015.07.30.1830

New features
  • 'Trailing New Line' default option added to the 'Options' window.
  • Settings not being loaded correctly in 32 bit versions of Windows problem fixed.
  • Character encoding issue fixed in 'Change Case' Toolbox rule.

Version 2015.06.30.1925

New features
  • File encoding auto detect now defaults to that set in the 'Options' window.
  • Internal problem with structure after paste fixed.
  • Setting storage international issue fixed.

Version 2015.05.21.1851

New features
  • Reset style button restored to 'Options' window.
  • Auto refresh bug for files stored on One Drive/SharePoint fixed.
  • Paste cells bug fixed.
  • 'Page per Row' editing crash fixed.
  • Filter after editing cell bug fixed.
  • Font size bug fixed.

Version 2015.05.03.1011 - Markus Build III

New features
  • Summary panel improved to select the current column when opened, given a shortcut and tool bar button.
  • Editing improved to eliminate the possibility of double cell edits simultaneously.
  • Sorting improved to include removing column in the sequence.
  • 'Cell Content Viewer' not closed when cell editing and updates automatically shown.
  • 'Cell Content Viewer' improved to select the current column when opened.
  • Keyboard shortcut added for cell 'Clear Contents' (Backspace).
  • Filter window layout improved.
  • Wrap search now wraps when started from both button and keyboard.
  • Column paste positioning bug fixed.
  • 'Cell Content Viewer' new properly detects text encoding.
  • Double shortcut removed (CTRL+G).
  • 'Make Row Header' bug fixed.
  • Refreshing locked file (open on another program) bug fixed.

Version 2015.04.07.0842 - Markus Build II

New features
  • Summary panel improved to summarize over whole document/selected rows, summarizing with no change of column and allow change of column content data type.
  • Tabs sometimes did not redraw under certain conditions.
  • Text length update bug when there is only one column bug fixed.

Version 2015.04.02.1845 - Markus Build I

New features
  • New Toolbox tool added: 'Extract text from HTML'.
  • Wrap search added to Toolbox.
  • Search format added in Toolbox 'Find/Replace - Date/Time' tool.
  • Extra details added to the tool bar.
  • Saving '.columns' file when not needed bug fixed.
  • Lines as end of document not being written to file correctly bug fixed.
  • Trailing line now detected at the end of documents generated from the Clipboard.

Version 2015.02.25.2127

New features
  • Control over headers added to 'Document Properties' window and updated with 'Make Row Header' and 'Make Header Row'.
  • 'Refresh' document reviewed.
  • Move column to the top and bottoms added to 'Edit Columns' and 'Column Layout'.
  • Number formatting in 'Find/Replace - Numbers' rule improved.
  • Height calculation improved when editing cells.
  • Menu entry for 'Find Next' added for clarity.
  • Multiple document opening from Explorer bug fixed.
  • Internal index out of range bug fixed.

Version 2014.12.03.0808

New features
  • Options window tidied up.
  • New document text encoding defaults added to options.
  • Column sizes now configurable in centimeters and inches.
  • Editing options added to column header context menu.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Version 2014.11.23.1443

New features
  • Always use field open/close option added to custom save formats, and custom copy formats.
  • Various layout items improved.
  • Display of incorrect license in the title after purchase fixed.
  • Clipboard access error (OS) handled.
  • Toolbox text replace: regular expression crash fixed.
  • Toolbox date replace: out of range crash fixed.

Version 2014.11.16.1257

New features
  • Pro and Lite licensing model introduced.
  • Icons and images updated.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Version 2014.05.26.2129

New features
  • Read only columns introduced.
  • Filter editors improved.
  • End of file new lines now handled as a document property that can be set, or removed.
  • Bug in Make Row Header fixed.
  • Bug in filter description fixed.

Version 2014.05.13.1911

New features
  • Install updated to work in a .net 4.0 only environment.
  • Copy and paste formats made configurable.
  • Empty find text now finds empty cells.
  • Find/replace numbers can now use non numerical text as the replace value.
  • Activating find (Control+F) now sets the focus to the find text box.
  • Close all documents bug fixed.
  • Drag/drop multiple documents bug fixed.

Version 2014.02.17.1903

New features
  • Application brought in line with new website release.
  • Problem processing non-English licenses fixed.

Version 2013.11.03.1339

New features
  • Large data support added.
  • Filter and Quick Filter views are now editable.
  • Duplicate cell functionality added.
  • GUI enhancements made.
  • Moved to .net framework 4.0.
  • Moved to .net framework 4.0 to fix stability issues on 64 bit Windows 7 machines.
  • All reported errors fixed.

Version - 2013.09.09.2018

New features
  • Help file removed. (To be implemented on the website).
  • Preview cell contents window added.
  • Goto column window added.
  • Summary panel updated to allow multiple columns for summary grouping.
  • Print headers can now be customized.
  • Import updated and the ability to import to new columns added.
  • Links made active in export/copy to HTML.
  • Save performance improved.
  • System font used through out.
  • Error reporting improved.
  • .net 3.5 installation removed from the install after causing OS stability issues.
  • Incorrect Refresh behavior after column structure changed fixed by disallowing it.
  • Bug in filtering fixed.
  • All reported errors fixed.

Version - 2013.02.07.2042

New features
  • External cell editors can be configured and used.
  • You can now configure the row header to not sort in 'Tools\Options'.
  • Multi file open through drag/drop or open dialog.
  • All cells updated when more than one cell selected during edit.
  • Title reflects save state.
  • Correct number of lines shown when lines set to auto-expand.
  • Files configured to have no header are not saved without one.

Version - 2012.12.04.1959

New features
  • Carriage return/new line handling made transparent and added to document properties and export.
  • Output encoding options added to XML and HTML export including CDATA and no encoding.
  • Toolbox enabled in filter views.
  • Edit panel keyboard handling improved.
  • Copy single, paste many added.
  • Sort re-enabled for summary view.
  • Focus problem after Edit panel fixed.

Version - 2012.11.19.2006

New features
  • Row split and merge added.
  • Tab and new line added to all split and merge functions.
  • Repeat last sort option added.
  • Layout template GUI improved.
  • Start-up time improved.
  • Bug in undo after merge to same column fixed.

Version - 2012.10.27.1402

New features
  • Layout templates introduced to allow the applying of new column layout and formatting with the single click of a button.
  • Undo for column sort added.
  • Find/replace separated from the Toolbox and made clearer.
  • Import/export improved. Text formatting added as a final step.
  • Row duplicate added.
  • Edit flow refined in the main table.
  • Various GUI refinements done.
  • Problem with storage of certain separators fixed.
  • Filter picking up the wrong column after layout changed fixed.

Version - 2012.09.30.1415

New features
  • Improved text encoding support (UTF-32, UTF-16, UTF-8, UTF-7, ASCII and auto detection of UTF-8 without BOM).
  • Document properties window added.
  • Toolbox tools added:
    • Add random text
  • Toolbox tools improved:
    • Find and replace numbers (with regions)
    • Find and replace date/time (with regions)
    • Remove text
    • Remove space
  • Insert/delete cells added.
  • Rotate/shift cells added.
  • Clear cells added.
  • Copy without column header names added.
  • GUI tidied up.
  • File separators being overwritten fixed.
  • Handling of adverse files fixed.
  • Many other small bugs fixed.

Version - 2012.07.25.2000

New features
  • Import and Export wizards introduced for better control over getting data in and out.
  • Support for fixed width text format added.
  • Toolbox introduced containing the tools:
    • Find and replace text
    • Find and replace numbers (with regions)
    • Find and replace date/time (with regions)
    • Add text
    • Add space
    • Add date/time
    • Add numbers
    • Remove text
    • Remove space
    • Remove numbers
    • Change case
    • Split name
  • Long running task handling introduced to further improve large document performance.
  • Copy column header names added.
  • Many other small bugs fixed.

Version - 2012.06.30.1549

New features
  • Printing overhauled and performance improved.
  • Remove empty rows added.
  • Remove duplicate rows added.
  • Document load time halved.
  • Redundant separators removed.
  • Many performance improvements targeted at large file handling.
  • Enter license window improved.
  • In cell editing now expands to editor size.
  • Last cell out of window and editor out of window fixed.
  • Crash in Quick Filter fixed.
  • Many other small bugs fixed.

Version - 2012.05.30.2043

New features
  • New license model introduced.
  • Help file added.
  • UTF-8 file support added.
  • Buttons and menus reviewed for a more consistent interface.
  • Column template support added.
  • Editing columns promoted to normal editing level (cut/copy/paste etc.).
  • Swap column header with row (and visa-versa) added.
  • Clear Cells added.
  • Change Cell case added.
  • Remove Extra Space added.
  • Many performance improvements.
  • Clipboard locking handled.
  • Adding row whilst editing cell crash fixed.
  • Exporting to different language versions of Excel now works.
  • Column sorting crash in Import window fixed.
  • File deleted during edit crash fixed.
  • Many other small bugs fixed.

Version - 1.3.x

New features
  • Undo/redo implemented.
  • Editing panel added for cells with carriage returns and tabs, and multi-cell updates.
  • Support for data types improved, including un-convertible cells.
  • Text edit mode added for typed cells.
  • Split column functionality added.
  • Merge column functionality added.
  • Sort window added for full control over sort.
  • Refresh button (re)added.
  • Drag and drop file import implemented.
  • 'Start Page' shown when there is no report.
  • File association moved to separate window for Windows 7 UAC.
  • Set column width in Column Layout added.
  • Setting for maximum column width added.
  • File associations made on install (csv, psv and tsv).
  • Boolean now displayed as tick.

Bug Fixes

  • File load/save/import now use configured file extensions.
  • Saving only surrounds a cell with field qualifier if a separator is in the cell.
  • Boolean format added.

Version 1.1.X

New Features
  • Editing functionality added.
  • General framework updates.
Bug Fixes
  • None

Version 0.4.34

New Features
  • NA - Original version
Bug Fixes
  • NA - Original version

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