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Just great application to store links and add notes to them etc... great for people like me who constantly need to browse the internet for their job.

Ibrahim Watson

Rons WebLynx is a feature-rich bookmark manager, providing everything you need to keep all the links organized. With tags and colors, search filters, various methods to import data, and a well-structured interface, Rons WebLynx is, indeed, a pleasure to work with.

Mihaela Teodorovico - Softpedia

I already have a license for WebLynx and *love it*. I was looking for an alternative to LinkMan Pro. I’m now a happy camper with WebLynx and Renamer. Wishing you continued success!

Mark Lynam

I have thousands (and I mean thousands) of bookmarks dating back to when I first started browsing the internet a long time ago. Used other programs to bring "chaos" to some sort of "sanity" but none really worked. Most got stuck on just attempting to import all the bookmarks accumulated. Not so this one. Works flawlessly and searching by key words (of what I can remember) has taken me back to some very good sites that I had totally forgotten about.


If you're looking for a bookmark organizer with a powerful search engine, capable sorting features, and a nice interface, Rons WebLynx is one of the best free tools out there.

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