Rons WebLynx - Plans for Future Versions

For your information:

The latest build of Rons WebLynx (2021.07.05.0823) is available here but is not guaranteed to be stable (or even complete) - download at your own risk!

Click on the 'Download Build' button to download.

Download Install (2021.07.05.0823)

Download Portable (2021.07.05.0823)

Beta Version (above)

New features
  • Link drag/drop to browser implemented.
  • None

Features for a Future Version

Description Comment Status
Improve Reading View Improve the reading view to better detect relevant content and eliminate distraction. Add the ability to export content to pdf. Plan
Improve Auto Filing Improve the capabilities of Auto Filing to use page meta data in filtering and folder/tag names. Add rules for updating (like renaming) links. Plan
Add Links Views Add different views to the main link display. For example tag/sub folder group panels. Plan
Link In-box Periodically check the contents of a website, and RSS feeds, for new links, and automatically added them. Plan
Import from Search Import the results of a web search. Idea
Page Mood Detection Use online AI services to gauge the mood of the content of a page. Idea
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