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**WARNING: Rons WebLynx is currently going through important changes and this guide has not been updated yet (17 January 2020)**

  • Introduction
  • Create a File
  • Import
  • Organize and Navigate
    • Folders
    • Tags
    • Views
    • Automatic Filing
    • Search and Filter
  • Features
    • Editing Links
    • Link Sorting
    • Star Rating
    • Notes
    • Quick Add
    • Export


Congratulations! You have downloaded and installed Rons WebLynx successfully! Now what?

Main Window

Follow this quick guide to get you started and make the most of the application as soon as possible.

Create a File

Rons WebLynx is file based, so that various topics don’t overlap and contaminate each other. So, the first step in using the app is to create a file.

Main Window Page Start Page

To do this, click on New on the start page, or select the File/New menu, and create and save a new Rons WebLynx file.

To have this file open every time you start Ron’s WebLynx, check the Automatically open last file on start in the Options Window or on the Start page.


Rons WebLynx had some very powerful import capabilities (shown below), but we are going to import bookmarks by selecting one of Internet Explorer (Favorites), Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • Clipboard

    If you have copied something to the clipboard that contains links.

  • Web Page

    Enter a web page location from which all links (in the page) will be imported.

  • File

    Browse and select a file from which all links will be extracted.

  • Directory

    Browse and select a directory to scan for files from which all links will be extracted.

  • Outlook Folder

    Select an Outlook folder to scan for emails from which all links will be extracted.

  • Internet Explorer (Favorites)

    Select Internet Explorer (Favorites) to extract bookmarks from this web browser.

  • Firefox

    Select Firefox to extract bookmarks from this web browser.

  • Google Chrome

    Select Google Chrome to extract bookmarks from this web browser.

So, to get some initial links into Rons WebLynx, let's start with bookmarks. Whilst WebLynx can be used to store bookmarks, it has really been designed to manage a large number of links and internet information, but bookmarks are a good place to start.

To open the Import Window, go to Management in the navigation bar and click the Import button.

Import Step 1

Select one of Internet Explorer (Favorites)Firefox or Google Chrome and click the Next button.

Import Step 2

Choose the folder where the links are to be stored or create one by entering a name in the Folder field at the top. Links can be moved and sorted later if this choice is temporary. Click the Next button.

Import Step 3

Select an existing tag or create one by entering a new tag name and clicking on the arrow buttons. This can be skipped. Click the Next button.

Import Step 4

The extracted links are displayed for preselection prior to importing them. Finally click on Import to import the links into the chosen folder.

Organize and Navigate


One of the main ways of organising links in Rons WebLynx is to use the familiar folder structure.

Main Window New Folder

Aside from the usual creation and deletion of folders available in the Home tab on the navigation bar, folders can be moved or merged by using the folder Move button or right-click menu. A particularly useful merge is Merge Children after importing.


The other main way of organising links in Rons WebLynx is to use tags. Because tags can be applied to any number of links at any time, the viewing and application of tags has been split.

The tag panel on the left is used to quickly view the links according to their tags, and is grouped with the other navigation options (like folders).

Main Window Tags

The tag panel on the right is used to tag the links that are selected using any of the navigation options on the left. Here you can also create new tags and assign them colours.

Main Window Tag Side Panel

Tag colours are displayed in the main link list in the center as a stripped coloured bar on the right.


View are used to quickly see groups of links in certain states for convenience. The link views are New, Expired, Missing, Errored, Multiple Folders, No Folders, No Tags or Deleted.

Main Window Views Missing Links

Automatic Filing

One very powerful feature of Rons WebLynx is Automatic Filing. Automatic Filing allows you to file links automatically by creating rules (Tag LinkMove Link and Delete Link) that can be applied both manually and automatically.

To add new Automatic Filing rules, go to Management/Link Filing/Edit Rules. Some simple guidelines are available in the window.

New Tag Link Rule

Automatic Filing - New Tag Link Rule

New Move Link Rule

Automatic Filing - New Move Rule

New Delete Rule

Automatic Filing - New Delete Rule

Automatic Filing rules can be enabled or disabled.

Automatic Filing rules can be enabled so that links are simultaneously tagged, stored or deleted when copied into Rons WebLynx. However, the automatic filing can also be run manually by selecting all or a selection of links and by clicking on File Links in the menu.

Automatic Filing - Manual Activation and Selection

Search and Filter

Search is part of navigation in the left-hand panel.

The Quick Search section allows easy searching of the location currently being viewed (Current Links) or All Links by keyword.

Main Window Search Quick

The Advanced Search Options section allows more search options to be applied for refinement of the search. For example, using star ratings and tags.

Main Window Search Advanced Search Option Section

Note: Search filters 'stick' when used, so that navigating to folders, tags or view keeps the current search in place. There is an override switch to allow you to easily switch the filter on and off.


Editing links

Select a link and Edit it either by clicking on it, right-clicking and selecting Edit or by using the top Edit menu.

Link Edit

Link Sorting

Sort your links into an ascending or descending view by selecting one of the drop-down menu options at the top of the link list.

Star Rating

Links can be rated wherever the rating stars are, simply hover above the stars as they turn yellow and click to select the number of stars you wish to give your link.

Main Window Star Rating

This can be done in the link list (for one or more), in the Edit window or in the Link information tab.


Use the Notes Side Panel to enter any notes on the selected link.

Main Window Notes Side Panel

Quick Add

Open the Quick Add box to drag or paste your links in a dedicated area. A new link is easily recognizable because the company logo is displayed with a dark green background. As time goes by the green colour becomes lighter.

Main Window Quick Add

Note: Links, selections from web pages and files can be pasted or dragged almost everywhere in Rons WebLynx.


Go to Management/Export, Choose the format (HTML, XML, Linker Exchange or Content) and the source and export in Clipboard or a file.


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