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Automatic Link Filing - Deleting Unwanted Links

Hello and thank you for returning to learn how to use Rons Place Software’s WebLynx.

In this article we shall be looking at creating rules for Automatic Link Filing, specifically at deleting links that are not wanted and clearing the ‘rif-raf’ from your list of links. 

First of all, open a Links file that you created last time in documents. This will restore your links exactly as they were the last time you used them.

As an example, I will display a folder where I pasted randoms links concerning the movie "Maleficient - Mistress of Evil".

If you look below at the screenshot of my links you will note that there are small icons next to the links. These are simply the logos of the websites the link refers to. As you can see on mine, the lion's share of the links have YouTube icons and I would like to get rid of them. 

Main Screen - Before

So, to remove these unwanted links, go to the ribbon along the top and select the tab ‘Management.’ Within this there are several tools that can be used, however for now we will be looking at ‘Automatic Link Filing.’

Open Automatic Link Filing

Once you have selected the icon ‘Automatic Link Filing’ a new window will pop up. This is the window in which you can manage all rules that you make. As this is the first time we are creating a rule we shall select the little drop down arrow underneath the large + icon labelled ‘Add New Rule;’ from this dropdown list we shall select ‘Delete Link Rule,’ as follows:

Create Automatic Delete Rule

Selecting ‘Delete Link Rule’ will open the following page in which we can create our rule. Proceed with the following steps to complete creating a rule:

1. In the bar titled ‘Name’ enter what you would like your rule to be called.

2. Under the sub-title ‘Link Element’ select which part of the link you would like the rule to work from out of the options shown below. For deleting I find that the URL is the most secure option to use as this minimises the chances of an accidental deletion (i.e. if a valid link merely refers to YouTube in an article there is a chance it may be deleted if you selected ‘description’ or ‘content’).

3. In the bar named ‘Match Text’ enter the text you would like the rule to refer to. In this instance, since I have selected URL, I can simply type ‘youtube’ and it will search for that in the link URL.
- Key Note - it is important that the text you want to search for is spelled and formatted correctly or the rule may not find it, i.e. I typed in ‘youtube’ instead of ‘YouTube’ as that is how it appears in the URL.

Once you have done these following steps simply select ‘save.’ See below what creating the rule should look like:

Set Up Automatic Delete Link Filing

Note that you can only enter one keyword per Delete rule, so if  I wanted to remove all "Googles" links for example, you would need to create a new delete rule as above with keyword "google" instead of "youtube".

Once you have done this, close the ‘rule’ window and go back to the home screen. Once there, select the little drop-down arrow on the icon ‘File Links’ on the far right, and from the drop down list select ‘all.’ This will then run the rule you created and file the required links in the deleted folder, as shown below:

Apply Link Filing Rule

Main Screen - After

Once you have applied your delete rules all that should be left in your home page are the links that contain the information you want to read! 

In my next article I will explain how to use the Automatic Link Filing to store your new links automatically into folders.

Thank you for reading, and have fun organising your links.

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