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Automatic Link Filing: Tag Link Rule

The fastest way to apply a tag to your links is to set up an automatic filing rule, much like the automatic deleting rules shown in our article ‘Automatic Link Filing: Deleting Unwanted Links’.

As you can see on the picture below, I am researching films coming out this year (end 2019 - beginning 2020) from the Upcoming Releases List for the United Stated on the IMDB website  I have simply highlighted the whole list of movie titles (which actually hide the links urls) and copied and pasted it into a new folder in Rons WebLynx that I have called "IMDB Upcoming Releases".


What I would like to happen is to see instantly which links reference Dwayne Johnson, Kristen Stewart and Margot Robbie without going into each of them individually. Basically, I would like to know if any of these actors are showing up in one of these upcoming movies.

So, first, I am going to create automatic Tagging rules so that each movies containg the name of these actors will be tagged instantly with their name as I have pasted the links in Rons WebLynx.

It is important to note that, for each actor, one rule must be created separately. Too many key words might confuse the search and also, in this case, it makes sense to have different tags with different colours for each actors. Colours cannot be chosen at this level. The application will pick one randomly. They can be changed afterwards (see article: Rons WebLynx: Creating and Managing Tags).

Creating the rule(s):

Let's create the first one, for Dwayne Johnson. On the top ribbon, under ‘Management,’ select ‘Automatic Link Filing’. Once within the new window select the drop down arrow under ‘Add New Rule’ and click ‘Tag New Rule.’ Much like creating a delete rule, enter the desired title in the title space, and the key word you would like the rule to search for (in this instance, both are Dwayne Johnson). 

Select "Description" and "Content" for the rule to search key word "Dwayne Johnson" into these areas. 

Once you have done this, at the bottom of the window there is a section called ‘Tag Selection’. In this case none of the already created tags is appropriate so simply create a new tag called Dwayne Johnson. Type it in empty field and move it to the left column by clicking on the arrow. You can now save your first rule. Create the same separate rules for Margot Robbie and Kristen Stewart. See picture below.

Create New Tag Rule

Running the Rule(s)

Back on the home page, select the ‘File Links’ icon in the top right corner and from the dropdown list select ‘All.’ Once you have done this the tag will be applied to all necessary links as shown below:

Taaged Movies

Viewing the Tags

As you can see only the movie links that contain the keyword ‘Dwayne Johnson’, "Margot Robbie" and "Kristen Stewart" have been tagged. If you only want to view the tagged links, select the ‘Tags’ icon the left-hand panel. Once in there if you select the tag(s) that you have just applied it will show all associated links, as follows:

Tags View

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