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Hi Aaron, I've been trialing different re-namer applications for a case load of 3,000+ files that need to be archived - and all require a date and project ID reference added to them. It was estimated that doing this manually would take about 4 days. I tried another app -with an overly complex UI and suffered constant exception errors. Your app was the second on my list. I don't write fan-mail about apps - but damn, Ron's Renamer is the simplest and most effective tool I have found in years. It simply does exactly what I want it to do in an intuitive and user focused way. It has the capacity to do all the quirky things I need it to do. I love it. Thank you for saving me a mind-numbing 40+ hours of tedium! Regards Paul

Paul Mannering

Hi, I found this utility very useful, as I had to remove the version numbering from 292 document filenames. Thank you.


THANK YOU. Tried out a few crappy ones before I found yours and got the job done in 5 minutes, just like in my wildest dreams. Now I can just get on with what I was doing in the first place! Nice job.


Your file renaming software helped me out tremendously. It is simple yet effective. I don't usually go out of my way to donate unless I find the program terrific. Yours was!


Aaron, full recommendations on the "Ron's Renamer" program. Unbelievable it really provides full versatility processing changes on all files one swift sweep, without delays or falling on its head, all of which all my camera software Panasonic, Fuji and now Canon utterly failed to provide. Also MS Windows/Office totally failed to acknowledge as a forefront to software users needs, who don't even supply a "replace all" button on file names.

After years of frustration, I googled then found a couple of other Batch File Rename programs which rated well in cnet. One did not load, the other seemed to think us users were conversant with DOS type strings, totally lacking the super user friendly front on this Aaron Stewart program. The Custom function on Date is excellent, with a bit of playing it is easy to get file names exactly as you want, try yyMMdd first to sort files in date order, then ddMMMyy in a string "yyMMdd ddMMMyy": to give a legible date. Likewise the ability to change spacing through the padding cell. What Microsoft could not do with a multi million budget, Aaron Stewart puts on the market free of charge. When it comes time for paying for software usage, Aaron Stewart will be one of my first ports of call.

Chris Petrick

Thank you very much! The Ron’s Renamer work perfectly. Your program helps me a lot!

Ananda Baqueiro - Papel Na Parede

Hello. Thank you and congratulation for your app Ron's Renamer. It's the first program that allows you to rename batch files with all the functions I needed. Fantastic program. Congratulations to you!

Joël Keutgen

Thank you for your truly excellent software. I could do without the license but it is not right for us to use a software that is invaluable to us, and not pay for it. Once again thank you....


Hello! Just to say, your app is simply fantastic! I have been using it for free for many years, I just bought it because it was just about time! In short, a big thank you! :-)

Iann Troalen
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