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“Yup, my hunch was correct…pure magic that I still don’t understand.

Thank you very much for this (it works), sometimes I forget how powerful Data Stream is.

Fun anecdote for you, my colleague calls Data Editor the Ron Jeremy tool…he thinks it’s CSV porn (it’s a compliment).

Vashisht Bihariesingh - BCons

Just want to say thank you for this. I found the Rons Data Gear kit last year and was impressed by it. Rons Data Edit and Rons Data Stream were the perfect tool for the job at that time. I needed the tool again for a major deadline. Received notification of an update so I updated to DataGear, yet it kept crashing on me and I dutifully hit send on the error reports. Frustrated, I went for dinner and came back to find that there has been a new release of the tools that directly addressed my issues. I'm not sure if its coincidence or awesome coders coming through in a pinch. Either way I'm thankful for this app and the unique use case it serves. Grateful and happy customer, Addis


First off, I want to tell you how impressed I am with your software... I'm currently trying out Rons Data Gear, which I just happened to come across on It's amazing, and I'm working now to see how I can integrate it into our office workflow, which, as you can imagine, involves a lot of data manipulation... I'm really excited!


I used Data stream for many years now and it´s a killer software i love it. And it does everything automatic for me.

Tom - Ernstsonfoto AB

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